Thursday, June 25, 2015

Museum Day

I love taking my kids to the museum in Denver!

There's something here for every kid,

so we're all happy to spend a whole day here.

Even thought we live far away,

we still buy a membership here!
 They had a great traveling exhibit that we all wanted to see

about mythical creatures.
 There was fun info about the history and even

science of dragons, unicorns, mermaids

and more.

 I love this picture!

The kids are "shocked" about the dragon,

and Babycakes is just "so what?"
 After this, the big kids went off on their own

and Babycakes and I went to see the dinosaurs.

The ENTIRE walk through the dinos.

Babycakes asked if he could sit on them.

Until we went to the toddler place!
 Mission accomplished!
 I think we could have stayed here aaaaaaallllllllllll day!

We left a little soggy, but happy!
And as we were walking to the exit, he heard that

the big kids had gone to space,

and we were forced to take a detour

to the moon!

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