Thursday, February 26, 2015


When we lost Baby Brother,

two years ago,

(I can't believe it's been that long)

and again, through the next year,

as Mama E asked us to take him,

again, and again,

and then didn't sign,

I've carried that little guy around in my heart.

I know things could be better for him,

but I also know I'm helpless to do anything

to make his life better.

But every time I get a call,

or see a picture,

my heart aches just a bit.

A few months ago, Hubs and I had a chat.

We talked about adopting again,

and my desire for Babycakes to have a sibling

closer in age,

and of the same color.

Hubs is not ready to adopt again,

and he's not sure he'll ever want to.

But we did come to a decision.

We'd like to help a child,

in the way we haven't been able to help Baby Brother,

to be safe,  and loved, and healthy.

We're going to start taking foster care classes.

I'm not sure how my heart will feel

about letting a little one go,

when it's time for them to go,

after we've loved them,

but we're going to try.

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