Thursday, November 20, 2014

Measuring Up

My kiddos were playing with the tape measure tonight,

so on a whim,

I measured them.

Then I measured myself.

I'm shrinking!

I'm now a 1/2 inch shorter than I was when I was younger!

And to make matters worse,

my teen daughter is an inch taller than I USED to be!

I'm going to be the short one at this house someday!

Someday soon!

Here's the tally:

Buddy 6' 1"

Mimi 5' 9"

Princess 5'2"

Mac 4' 11"

Babycakes just short of 3'

Hubs hasn't shrunk,

but I have!

I'm blaming the kids!

They're sucking the height out of me, I just know it!

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