Thursday, October 23, 2014

Potty Ponder

A little History:

Several years ago,

Hubs accidentally potty trained Mac

in a weekend.

I was at a homeschool conference,

and he stayed home with our,

then four,


Mac was two, and pondering the idea

of possibly being ready to potty

at some point in the future,

but not especially interested.

Hubs decided he'd work on it a bit

while I was gone,

and boom!

Mac was potty trained!

Impressed, I told him that he was in charge of potty training

 all the kids that came after.

Since we were done having kids,

he agreed.


We added a fifth child!

This week I asked when he was going to get started

with Babycakes.

He argues that the agreement isn't valid

since when he made it we were done

adding kids.

I say he has to follow through with that deal.

So, I'm putting it to public vote:

Should Hubs have to fulfill his agreement

and train this little boy,

or do I slog back into the soggy pants party mayself?


Kendra said...

Haha, I say let Hubs do it.. and seriously share secrets on how you did it in a weekend.. or did you use that weekend method?!

RaD said...

Wow. If he's got the skills why not just knock it out, Hubs? Save your family some $$$.

Anonymous said...

Let Hubs do it!!

For the poster above, the secret (in my opinion) is to wait until your child is completely ready. Don't rush it. We waited until three months before our son's third birthday and he trained within just a couple of days. Potty training was a breeze because HE was ready.