Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mom's Day Out

Once a month I head back to the city

for my MS infusion.

I try to make a lunch date with a friend,

and enjoy my day away.

It's truly a mom's day off for me.

A day with no kids

in a town with some good lunch choices,

and lunch with a friend!

Today did not work out so well.

After having lunch with a friend,

I decided to take a "short cut".

(I should not be allowed to take short cuts,

because I ALWAYS get lost along the way,

and end up taking more time than going

the long way!)

Today's short cut was no different than my usual,

and I arrived just a few minutes early.

But only after hitting a skunk and a dirt road

and knocking the plastic protection panel off the bottom of the car.

Which I had no time

or tools to fix.

So after my infusion,

instead of a calm, leisurely afternoon, 

I headed to the grocery store to buy enough

zip ties, which I installed

in the parking lot,

(the dirty parking lot)

to limp the hour and a half drive home.

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