Saturday, September 6, 2014

Foam Party!

Wherevill has a yearly fair type event

that I was, admittedly, not enthusiastic about attending.

What could this rinky-dink town

possibly offer that would be worth the effort

of dragging my kiddos to?

But after some prodding by a friend,

we went to this:
 Apparently this is a "foam party".
 It's like someone dumped a bucket of dish soap
 into a fountain
 and invited a town in to play.
 My kiddos LOVED it, and Princess, who hates wet clothes,

was soaked from head to toe, and smiling the whole time!
Babycakes had ZERO interst in going in,

but did enjoy playing with the bubble overflow that coated the street

ankle deep.

I will definitely be keeping my mind more open about future events!

Tomorrow night is a Beatles cover band

and my teens are delighted!

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