Friday, September 12, 2014

Driving.....Me Crazy

Today was total chaos.

I grabbed my teens and toddler and headed to the DMV.

I needed to change my address,

and my teens were taking their learners permit test.

Yes, both of them!!

First, I forgot my proof of address

and had to run back home.

Then Babycakes decided that the acoustics in the DMV

were opera worthy

and he took advantage.

After my part was done,

I grabbed the now obnoxiously loud toddler

 and dragged him down the hall to a room that echoes less.

Where he got his fingers caught in an elevator door.

Bringing security into the fun.

This was followed by Buddy taking a different route out

and the rest of us sitting in the accounting office

endlessly waiting for him.

Two hours later, we took our paperwork,

our toddler

and the last shreds of dignity

and headed to the closest taco truck to celebrate.

Mama needs a nap,

a drink

and some chocolate.

Not necessarily in that order.
(Yes, they both passed.


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