Sunday, June 8, 2014


We're watching a friends kids while they travel this week.

They're going to meet their new son, age two,

whom they are adopting from Haiti.

That means I have nine kiddos under my roof

for a week and a bit!

Figuring out life with nine kids

has been the ultimate challenge in

my fading organizational skills.
Menus, shower schedules, and clean laundry

are all I can take, so we've dumped every lesson, class and event

we usually go to.

The perks are the fact that the kids play amazingly well together.

Their enthusiasm for our toys has reignited my kids interest,

and there's rich pretending going on in several rooms all day long.

That said, we'll just see how I'm feeling after the weekend,

when my teens, and best help,

depart for camp!

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