Saturday, May 3, 2014


I've been sitting on a secret.

Hubs applied for a promotion a few weeks ago.

We've been sitting on the possibility

that we'd be transferred,

to a place even more out there

than Whoville,

for several weeks.

So that little field tip we took to see Mimi's friend?

That was a little bit visit

and a little bit scouting party.

While I'm not really excited to move,

I am excited to see Hubs take on new challenges.

We'll find out next week if he got the job.

I feel like either way it goes,

I win.

Either we stay here,

where our friends, church, co-ops, and music lessons are,


We get a new house,

a chance to make new friends,

try new things,

and support Hubs in his journey.



asian~treasures said...

Happy-sad...bittersweet. Still wishing the new location had a real beach or mountains!

Katie said...

For a number of selfish reasons, this makes me sad. Very, very sad. :(