Saturday, May 24, 2014

Houses II

Found one!

Oh, how I hope this works out!

We had a list of houses to see,

and by the time we got there,


were sold!

We're making an offer on my favorite,

and keeping our fingers crossed

this works out,

because you know how much I'd love

to head back to shop again!

On the way home we got derailed by

bad bad storms.

Tornado-go-to-the-basement storms.

And my babies were home alone!

We ended up driving an extra 40 minutes

out of our way to go around the storm.

My kiddos were scared,

but did a great job of keeping safe.

A lot of families were not so lucky,

and a homeschool family we know

lost all their outbuildings

and some livestock.

I was SO glad to get home!

1 comment:

asian~treasures said...

Glad you made it home to your kiddos. Not so glad you found a house. Ok, kinda glad, cuz living in a tent all summer wouldn't NOT be fun for your family. Excited for a new venture & opportunity for you & yours but sad, too.