Friday, April 25, 2014

Winter Jam

Our friends that lit the fuse on our adoption journey

have been volunteering for Holt at Winter Jam for years

and we kept saying we'd join them
and not doing it.

This year, we were determined to go!

Mimi and Princess chose to stay home

so they kept Babycakes

(taking him would have been a nightmare!),

and Hubs and I took the boys.

It was Mac's first concert,
and he LOVED it!

He rocked out




My ears were still ringing the next day,

(cause I keep forgetting I'm old now)

so I'm totally wearing earplugs

when we go next year!!

 I was so bummed Mimi was missing the show when they rocked the cello!

If you have the chance to volunteer,

do it!

It was very easy, and fun!

I totally loved helping people pick kids to sponsor,

and the concert was fantastic!

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