Friday, April 18, 2014

History Fair 2014

It's history fair time!

I LOVE the history fair,

mostly because my kids enjoy it so much.

They pick a historical figure,

or in Mac's case, research the history of something,

put together a display,

and find a costume!
 Mimi was Louisa May Alcott this year.  It was so fascinating finding out how similar her life was to her famous books. 
 Princess was Dolly Maddison
 Buddy was Nicola Tesla
and Mac did the history of Lego!

This was the biggest history fair we've ever had!

There were 54 displays,

some were done by groups,

so the place was PACKED!

My favorite part was how many kids who'd just come

to see said they wanted to join us next time!

We'd have to rent a gym!

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