Monday, March 17, 2014

Hunger Games Party

I've been promising we'd have

a Hunger Games party for



more than a year.

Hey, I had a great Pintrest board!

Then a friend stepped up and offered to co-host with me

which started the gears moving.

We started with an archery class

and followed up with a game.

We had a dozen girls

all dressed up in their capitol gear
running like hooligans all over the park

collecting paper berries, weapons and camping supplies

so they wouldn't be eliminated!

We followed that with a feast fit for the capitol.

I'd like you to imagine the pictures

because I took exactly zero!

Between the roaving hoards of hungry teens,

the toddler desperate for a nap,

and dead battery on my camera,

I completely neglected to get any.

Here's our menu:
Gale's squirrel meatballs(no squirrel's harmed in the making of)
Nightlock berries on arrows (skewers)
Peeta bread
Prim's goat cheese
Girl on Fire cupcakes
and Capitol orange juice

all of which are eaten in the books.

Then, while the hungry hoards ate,

we viewed the newest movie.

 The girls made these fun mini bow and arrows
 out of a craft stick and string

that really shoot a q-tip!

It's all fun ang games until someone needs to clean their ears,

because we're now q-tip deficient!

The party was a big hit

and we're already planning the next one!

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