Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bye Bye Bapo

Babycakes calls his pacifier "bapo"

I have no idea why that's what it's called.

As the big birthday approaches

I decided that we needed to work on letting it go.

Since he was clearly addicted,

I knew it was going to be a tough battle

and came up with a plan.

Bapo is only allowed if he was on his bed,

or in the car

(Mostly because he tends to sleep in the car).

We tied one to his bed

and got ready for the chaos!

I truly expected this to be a looooong process

with lots of whining and fussing


it wasn't!


He still uses it to sleep,

but doesn't even need it in the car,

and I am so delighted!

1 comment:

asian~treasures said...

ca--ute socks!!
And, way to go, big boy! No more bapo the whole day. : )