Friday, December 6, 2013

Thanksgiving Returns

Becuase Hubs works in retail

and the big, wide world of retail has decided

to start Black Friday on Thursday,

he worked a 12 hour shift instead,

and we didn't really get to have a Thanksgiving.

Don't get me wrong, we did the important part

well, important to the kids anyway,

and ate out corndogs for lunch,

but, a week later,

we still hadn't had out big Thanksgiving meal.

I'll be honest,

after a week, I really wasn't interested

in making the whole big crazy meal,

so each of us picked our favorite "traditional" item

and decided to have just those.

Here's the line up:
Me-hot rolls
Buddy-mashed potatoes (of course!)
Princess-rolls again
(yeah, I know, a bit carb heavy!)

Wait, did that say PIZZA?

That's not a traditional Thanksgiving food!

Then he reminded me of the lovely

and educational PBS show I MADE him watch about

the first Thanksgiving

The true story, where they ate

NONE of the foods we call traditional

(except pumpkin, which they did not serve in pie form!).

So, I accepted his argument,

and we had a lovely

post Thanksgiving


And now he's glad I made him watch the show!

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