Monday, October 21, 2013


Before you read this, I just want to let you know these were written as it happened, but not published.  I'll publish them in the same time frame as they occurred, but it's already over.  I  just don't want anyone praying and thinking about a done deal!

I don't talk much about Mama E,

Babycakes' first mama.

It's a tricky relationship,

one that comes and goes,

depending on how things are going for her.

But yesterday's call was a whole new thing.

She's in a really rough place right now.

Tough enough that she's considering placing the baby with us.



We worked for seven months getting ready for him to be born,

only to lose him.

I won't lie,

It was really hard.

So to have her ask us this,

eight months later?


I'm not sure if she really means it,

or is just feeling so overwhelmed and desperate right now

that it seems like the best choice.

My prayer for her is that she make the best decision for the baby,

because HE is the most important thing!

My prayer for me is that I stay calm,

peaceful and centered.

No getting excited, no planning, no working details,

just sitting and waiting, heart open, for what God wants us to do.

Man is that HARD!

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Anonymous said...

I really hope you will publish these quickly; I need to know how this turned out. Hoping the baby got what he needed and your family is at peace with whatever happened.