Thursday, October 10, 2013


This year.

This year just keeps on giving!

Today I took Princess, Mac and Babycakes

to Whoville, where Hubs still works,

to spend their Pizza Hut BookIt coupons.

They were pretty excited to get to have lunch with daddy,

and eat free pizza.

We stopped for some groceries on the way home,

then jumped on the highway

where we were rear-ended!

The guy behind us was not paying attention,

and plowed right into us,

smashing in the back end of our van!

The kids were scared, but thankfully, not hurt.

After Hubs bent the bumper away enough to drive,

we limped home.

Princess was SO excited

because it was her first car wreck!

and to get to tell the big kids what had happened.

I'm pretty sure our van will be totaled.

I've been wanting a new van for a while,

but this was NOT how I envisioned getting one!


asian~treasures said...

So thankful you were all safe!!!
Let's get on with 2014, shall we?

Mommy-in-SC said...

Goodness, glad y'all are alright! :)