Friday, October 18, 2013

Adoption and Apples

We joined our adoption group for a field trip

to the apple orchard today.
 It's so nice to see families like ours,


everywhere we looked.

Picking apples was fun,

and I though the tractor ride would be the best part of the day, but.....
The corn bin?

Super fun!  I had to drag him out,

and spent the rest of the afternoon digging stray kernals

out of every pocket, sock and fabric fold.

 But this:

This swing is where we spent most of the afternoon.
And this cow.

This cow was Babycakes

hands down

favorite part of the day.

We gave the cow some ground fall apples,

which it ate in a very slobbery way,

and Babycakes was totally entranced.

He told me "Moo eat apple" about a hundred times,

and cried for the cow as we were getting in the car to leave.

1 comment:

asian~treasures said...

Next time, maybe the moo would eat the apple & the stray corn kernels. : )