Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Infusion Day

I did my first, official MS infusion today!

It was so easy,

much to my relief.

After my massive pokes steroid experience,

I was really not excited to go,

but the nurse got it on one poke,

albeit it took a while to find the right spot,

which was uncomfortable.

And the I simply sat.

For a lovely two hours,

I relaxed and caught up on my e-mails, blog reading,

Even made my shopping list for Buddy's co-op classes!

The only bad part was when the doc called me in for a chat.

The new MRI showed more spots.

She clarified that they may have been there all along,

Just not showing in the last MRI,

Or not.

Either way,  nothing changes in the plan.

That wasn't something I wanted to hear!

I asked how long it would take for this med to make a difference,

and she thought three doses or so,

and I should see a change in symptoms.

Ironically, the numbness that brought me here is already almost gone,

but I'm struggling with aphasia,

which is when you can't find the words as your talking.

I just stop, mid sentence,

and gape like a fish,

with a blank spot where the word should go.

Along with that is extreme absent mindedness.

I pretty much can't keep track of stuff anymore, without the help of my

trusty I-phone reminders.

God bless Siri, cuz she keeps me moving the right direction!

I've struggled to stay on top of stuff,

and this just pushed me right over!

So, I'm hoping to see those fade away!


Bethany said...

Praying for you and your healing.

Jill said...

Prayers for your healing!