Friday, August 30, 2013


We're having carpet installed this week.

It's the last big thing we need to do

to be D  O  N  E


with the basement project.

We're replacing the carpet in out family room while we're at it,

since our old granny cat saw fit to ruin it

while we were on our last vacation.

Our family room is a lot more than a TV area,

although it's that too.

It has our 8 tall shelves double stacked with books,

our four school, games and art cupboards

TV, couches, school tables

and our monster sized computer desk.

All of which needed to be removed for the carpet to be laid.

We spent the weekend packing, moving, stacking,

shoving, prying, balancing, and squeezing stuff into

 the two available basement rooms.

The girl's bedroom looks like a book warehouse overflowed.


There's just enough room for them to crawl into bed

and get dressed

but only one girl at a time.

Our laundry/storage room we filled from the back to the front


And after this gargantuan, life sized Tetris game was played

Hubs remembered he'd need a suitcase for his trip.

The suitcases are under the stairs

at the very




of the storage room.

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