Friday, June 21, 2013

VBS-I survived!

VBS kills me.

Every year.

I was delighted to have two good friends to work with,

which made it so much more fun.

And the kids had fun too,

of course,

which makes all the work worth it.

It was jungle themed, and we were the snack shack

so I had a lot of fun renaming ordinary snacks something jungley

like pond slime,

But I officially declare I'm taking next year off!

Mac is the only kid that can go next year, as the others are to big or to little,

and I'm looking forward to being

a drop-em-off mom!


asian~treasures said...

No VBS next year for's offical, right? After all, it's now in writing. : )

Katie said...

Cute pic of the boys! I might take a VBS break next year too...if my guilt doesn't get to me first.