Monday, June 17, 2013

There Went My Stress Level!

It's a good thing that vacation was so relaxing,

because our arrival at home was awful!

Our brand new window


We came home to a puddle!

I'm thankful that the walls and floor aren't finished,

or we would have had a huge, soggy mess!

The company is giving us two choices to fix the problem,

but I'm not happy with either!

They must have done something wrong for it to fail so quickly,

and we chose them because they are the guys you call when you have basement problems,

and that meant they'd know how to do it the RIGHT way.



And to top that,

our old granny kitty flipped out while we were gone and refused to use the box.

So we'll be replacing the carpet in our family room too!

 I wanted to turn right around and head back!

Plus this is VBS week,

which means we scream out of the house after inhaling dinner,

or eat junk for dinner,

and get home well past bedtime!

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