Thursday, June 13, 2013

Camping Day One

My grandparents own some mountain property that I love to visit!

This is my Grandma's favorite place in the world,

so I really wanted to get some pics of the kids for her while we were there,

and they cooperated beautifully!

 Babycakes was a bit obsessive about sticks.

He kept finding one, then dropping it when he found a new one,

over and over.

Cause you never know when you're gonna find a better stick!

I couldn't get him to smile or even look at me,

so Daddy came to help.

Apparently he was doing something hilarious behind me!

Then the neighbors stopped by for a visit.  
I managed to get a few pictures of this guy and his friends,

but couldn't scramble fast enough to get a shot at the BOBCAT we saw!

It ran across the road right in front of us, and stopped at the edge of the road

to stare at us (as we stared back!).

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