Monday, May 27, 2013

Dinosaur Adventure!

We had a rare and wonderful treat this week.

A day with no activities!

School work got done on time,

and without fuss,

music lesson canceled,

and an empty afternoon stretching out before us!

So we had a quick meeting,

where the big kids voted to stay home and read,

while the littles wanted to go to the dinosaur museum.

So we left the bigs to their reading and headed out on an adventure!

 We had fun looking at the dinos,
 and a LOT more fun in the hands on areas, where we dug up fossils,
 or threw the "sand"

 and made a mess everywhere.

Babycakes was really well behaved.

Until we went into the gift shop,

then he was a bull in a china shop,

sprinting from one breakable object to the next with frantic glee!

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