Friday, March 1, 2013


I'm keeping pretty close contact with Mama E.

Or maybe she's keeping close contact with me is a better description.

She's trying to keep me up to date on all the tests,

and the results,

but she doesn't really understand what they're talking about.

I'm working hard at being a supportive friend,

while not overstepping boundaries,

both hers and mine.

We're still planning on heading to Texas,

for a birthday visit,

although our big kids will not be joining us this time.

I don't even want to imagine the stress and chaos of trying to do a visit

while my kids deal with the emotions of meeting the baby that is no longer their brother!

Hubs and I will make a VERY quick trip,

staying only a day or so.

I'm struggling with how I'll feel when I see baby J too,

because I know it's going to be painful,

and Mama E has no understanding of what we are feeling.

She will expect us to be happy and excited for her.

I'm not sure I can manage happy and excited quite yet.

1 comment:

asian~treasures said...

Hugs to you!! I'm thinking it's so wise to not take your bigger kiddos...too many emotions & perhaps not enough empathy.