Thursday, March 14, 2013


Thursdays are usually one of our busiest days,

but this week conspired to give us an unexpected day of freedom!

Homeschool gym was canceled when the water line blew up,

right in the parking lot!

And no music lessons due to a sick teacher.

So we decided to declare it an adventure day!

Now, to decide the destination!

The kids started throwing out ideas: children's museum, dinosaur museum,  indoor playground,

ceramics store, IHOP....

wait, IHOP?  Who thinks going to IHOP is an adventure?

Mac, of course.

So I asked him why he thought IHOP was an adventure.

"Remember when we went there last time?  And it took a long time, and they brought the wrong food?  And then they wanted you to pay for somebody else dinner?  Well, when we were leaving, you said 'Well, that was an adventure!'"

Um, yup, I remember!

So, we went!

Yes, of course we had a REAL adventure after!

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