Wednesday, February 20, 2013

She's Makin a List...

I had an awesome talk with my mom today.  She really helped me put things into perspective.

She encouraged me to look for the good things that are coming from this bad event.  Sure, it stinks overall, but in all things come some good, so start finding it!!

So I'm working on that.

Here's the list for today:

This is better for Babycakes.  He was going to get shoved out of babyhood and into big boy land awfully early.  He's now back to being the beloved, spoiled baby, just like deserves to be!

I'll be a better parent to ALL my kids if I'm not stressed to the max by two such little babies, not to mention a better wife.

We're no longer financially stressed to the max.  That means all the projects we need to get done around the house can now get done.

I have a lot of homeschool stuff I've been wanting to do, but couldn't do.  I've cut back on all my commitments while getting ready for baby.  Now I have the chance to make them happen.

I realize how lucky we are that we got Babycakes at all.  He's such a miracle, such a delight to us, and I can't imagine what our lives would be like without him!

I know this will get longer as I think more, but it's a great start!


Bethany said...

Your mom sounds amazing. So glad you are able to see good in this. Praying for you still.

Katie said...

What a great mom you have! A change in perspective can shine a light on an otherwise dim situation. I hope you find comfort in all of the positives as your heart begins to heal.