Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Naming the Baby

I forgot to say we've got a name picked too!

When Babycakes was born, Mama E had a chosen name,

which became his middle name.

That's been a bit tricky, as she still calls him that,

while we call him Babycakes,

so I wanted to avoid the confusion this time,
and pick a name together.

We had three names we really liked.

Mama E did not like ANY of them.

Mama E had three names picked,
 and we only liked one.

So, that's his name!

We're not exactly thrilled that our names got tossed,
but she did such a great job of looking up the meanings,

and finding one that was significant to her,

and since it's a Bible name, it goes along with the rest of our boys.

It's just a little common for us.

I think we'll use our favorite from the list she rejected to be the middle name,
 'cause we like it so much.

Now if I can just settle on a blog name!

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