Thursday, November 29, 2012

Did You Get My Message?

When we were making the big jump from our old adoption agency to the one in Texas, we had THE nicest social worker help us.

Even though it wasn't a part of her job to hold hands with incoming families, she did just that.

She walked us through how to get what we needed from our old, dreaded agency, and shot us onto their wait list at the speed of light.

And after we were on the list, and waiting, she handed us to the worker who usually worked with waiting families.

I'm forever thankful for how she helped us,

so when I got a text from her today, I jumped.

It asked if I'd received her message

about our birthmom.

A message I received while standing in the middle of a big, noisy gym full of screaming, kickball playing homeschoolers.

I had not, so as soon as my butt hit the seat in the car, I called her back.

My heart was pounding, hoping Mama E and baby were OK.

She had big news for us!

Our birthmom was pregnant, and wants us to adopt the new baby!

 ........Um, yeah, I know........

She'd just heard, and she was SO excited for us!

So excited that she scooped our case file out of the pile and claimed us for herself!

I'm absolutely delighted to have her walking along with us on this new journey!

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