Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cat Conundrum

I have a conundrum.

I have an eight month old that crawls at the speed of light

and an old granny cat that can't, or won't jump over things.

I can't figure out a way to keep one little man out of the laundry room, where the cat food, water and

ewww!  litter lives

And I'm sprinting to catch someone before he gets into trouble.


Anyone have an idea?

(besides a gate, cause she won't jump over one)


RaD said...

Could you fashion a gate with a "cat door" on it, one that would be small enough for the cat but too small for the babe?

Keeslermom said...

Great idea, but the problem is that the cat is so fat, the door would have to be big enough to get her through, and I think Babycakes could get through too!

RaD said...

Hmmmm... Ya got me there. What if you moved it upstairs and baby gated the stairway but left a space at the bottom for the cat. Gah! The baby would probably crawl through that too, huh?

Keeslermom said...

Ironically, since I wrote this, he hasn't gone in there even once. If this is how to fix baby issues, I'm going to be writing a LOT!