Thursday, August 30, 2012

Soggy Socks

I had to make a run to my almost least favorite destination today.

The Bank.

The dreaded bank, because the can NOT do anything fast or easy, second only to the post office on my dreaded errand list.

So I sighed, tightened my belt, and headed in, Babycakes in tow.

I went in during nap time, sleeping baby in a car seat, hoping for a miracle.

He slept while I waited for my turn.

And, of course,  woke just as I sat down in the office.

So I did the baby dance, and rocked, bounced, jiggled and did my utmost to keep him happy.

And silently cursed the bank drudge

And finally, we were at the final moments!  I sat to sign some paperwork, baby perched on my knee

and felt a warm trickle roll down my leg and into my shoe.

Only my kids can pee down my leg

while wearing a perfectly dry diaper.


asian~treasures said...

Oh, baby boy! You are talented. But, keep mommy DRY!!

Bethany said...

Of course. You make me laugh.