Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 3: Museum

You know you're real homeschool nerds when the museum is the highlight of your vacation.
But it must be genetic, cause Grandma had fun too!
Everyone has their favorite spots to visit, but mine was the reptile exhibit they had.  It's a traveling exhibit full of LIVE snakes and lizards!
Like this handsome guy.
Grandma is blind now, so she really liked the hands on parts of the exhibit.  We found out that they we're having a special showing for a blind school and invited us to return for that.  Then Grandma could hold a real, live snake!

She declined!
Mac REALLY wanted to be blind so he could go too.
 Mac and Princess' gymnastics school has a "wall of fame", and the kids are supposed to take a picture of themselves doing a handstand somewhere cool.  The board has kids in Hawaii, Mexico, even on the Great Wall!   So here's ours!

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