Sunday, March 4, 2012

More Adventures with Mac!

Our local homeschool group has a  skate night every few months throughout the school year, and my kiddos LOVE to go.  It's cheap, fun and good exercise to boot!  The kids usually ask around to make sure that they will have at least one friend coming, and this week, we grabbed a few to take along.

After the limbo and some slushies, the kids were getting ready for the last spin of the night, when Mac walked up behind me with his hand cupped, catching the blood drops as they poured out of his chin (Such a thoughtful child!).  I snatched him up and scooted into the ladies room to grab a handful of paper towels.  After a quick peek, I thought this one was probably going to need stitches.

I sat him down, holding the towels and some ice from the snack bar, and started gathering the other five kids in my car.  Why does this kind of stuff always happen when you have extra kids with you?!  We ran our friends home, then headed for the closest urgent care.


So we headed for another.


Then on to the one waaaaay over by our house, which is open until 11:00.  At least I can drop the other kids off with Hubs so they can go to bed now, right?

CLOSED!  They changed their hours last week!

Apparently we should schedule our urgent care needs for regular business hours.  

So I drop off the kids, and hit Google where I finally find an urgent care still open.

Why is it that no matter how few people are at the doctor's office, you still have to sit in the exam room for half an hour?

Finally the doc takes a peek, and decides this time we can do super glue.  Then the doc proceeds to tell us  how we should buy ourselves a bottle of super glue so we can do this at home next time.  I SO wanted to tell him to not charge us, and we'd leave and go do it ourselves right then!  Ten minutes later, job done!  It took more time to find an open office than to glue an open wound.

After a quick ride through the Dairy Queen drive through for a reward for mommy Mac, we head home.

Now Mac is pondering exactly what story he wants to tell when people ask him what happened to his chin.  Will he go with the alligator attack, or the sky diving accident?  Ask him and find out!


Katie said...

Skating (ice or roller) might not be a good activity for your boys anymore. :) DQ always makes things better.

asian~treasures said...

Man...tragedy strkes & Mac can't share with LittleMister. Perhaps we can catch up before the end of the week.