Sunday, March 25, 2012

Home! Well, Sort Of....

 Nana needed to head back to her real life today, (Thanks for all your help Nana!), so we were on our own today.  I am unimaginable grateful that she came to help.  I have NO idea what we'd have done without her!

So today Hubs wrangled kids while I headed back to the hospital for more waiting.  I did bring the back pack again, and hoped it wasn't wishful thinking.

They released baby first thing!
But, we couldn't leave until the social workers came to escort us out.
While we were waiting for them, Mama got dismissed too.
That was a huge relief, because I didn't want to leave her there all alone!   
After MANY hours waiting the social workers finally showed up to get Mama and escort us out.
I called Hubs to bring the car seat, and got baby dressed while Mama got herself ready.  My friend Jill made this cuteness for baby when she heard our big news! Isn't he handsome?!

When Hubs showed up, kids in tow, the social worker wanted to do some group pictures.  Then we loaded up and headed out.

It was SO awesome to be heading "home", all together, FINALLY!
 The first thing I did when we got there was wash his hair and fluff it.  It was driving me crazy to watch the nurses brush it flat!  Look at those curls!

A few hours later we got a call from Mama.  She had taken a great nap, and needed to go to the grocery store for food.  I was aghast at the thought of her walking around a store, and sent Hubs and Mimi to help her.  They ran her on a few errands, loaded her up with some groceries and returned her to the place she's staying.  The rest of us fought over who got to hold the baby!


Mommy-in-SC said...

YAY! Such an exciting day for your family!! My prayers are with all of you!!

Katie said...

i have fallen in love with the newest keesler!

Bethany said...


Those curls are amazing! Love that little outfit too. I'm so excited for your family. Praising God you are headed HOME!

Terri said...

Yay! Finally released and home. He's one lucky little man to be a part of the K-Family. Can't wait for pictures :)