Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Call

I knew our profile was being looked at that day, and I'm always a bit anxious on those days, so I keep my phone close.  We were at homeschool co-op, and the kids were in classes while I sat with a bunch of other mom, chatting.  My phone rang, I pulled it out and see it's our agency!  I'm sure my face went white!  I jumped up and sprinted out to the hall, where it's quieter, and answered.

It's a social worker, and she has some questions for me.  Are we willing to travel to baby's home state for visits in the future?  What do we mean when we say "open adoption"?  Would we be willing to meet a mama before baby comes?

I answered her questions, and explained that we are eager for an ongoing relationship, and we love to travel, and adding this mama's home state to our frequent trips list would be easy for us.  I sure hope I said it right, because I'm so nervous I'm shaking!  She thanked me and hangs up.  I call Hubs and tell him what happened so I am not the only one in a panic all day.  He takes it calmly and doesn't panic one tiny bit.  Jerk!  (just kidding baby!)

I headed back into the co-op and all the other homeschool moms say "What??!!!  What happened?", and I tell them.  They will be nervous with me, such good friends!

This semester I co-teach one piddling class at co-op.  Just as I'm about to walk up to my only class, the phone rang again.  And it's the agency.
My stomach dropped.
You don't get a call on profile day, unless you've been picked.
I detoured to an empty room and answered, shaking like a leaf.

She picked us!
She wants to do a phone interview!
She wants to meet us!
She's having a scheduled C-section !

 In less than two weeks!

I was madly taking notes, and trying to comprehend what I was hearing.  My notes look like my 90 year old grandma writes because I was shaking so bad.  I ditched my co-teacher and started making phone calls.  First, Hubs, who was on his lunch break.  I told him as he's eating his bean burrito.  How romantic, right?  Then I called some family, and some friends who are like family.

I headed up to the classrooms, and pulled my kids into the hall.  I could hardly talk, but I managed to get it out.  We got picked.  We're getting a baby!  Mimi burst into tears, and everyone else ran at me.  We had a huge, family hug right there in the hall.  After a few minutes, we walked into my class, where my poor co-teacher is handling the whole crowd, single handed.  She takes one look at me and smiles.  She knows!  I start crying and she hugs me.  The other adults in the room are confused, and I quickly explained, and there were hugs all around.

I headed back out to the hall to make a few more phone calls.  In the mean time, Mimi apparently runs through the building telling everyone, even people we don't even know, the big news.  Friends kept sticking their heads into the room where I sat to hug me and celebrate.

The rest of the day passes by in a heartbeat.


Katie said...

Goose bumps!!! I never actually heard the whole story, so thanks for sharing. Still praying like crazy for all of you.

Anonymous said...

Blessing on your family and the newest member, so happy for you

asian~treasures said...

Hooray for phones that you can carry with you. Hooray for phone calls on profile-showing day. Hooray for family/friends who rejoice with you. Hooray for mama states away who chose your family!! Hooray for baby waiting for a forever family!!

Hip HOP HOORAY!!!!!!!! Can't wait to keep following this story. : )

Kari said...

CONGRATS! So happy for you even though I don't even know you. LOL. Just a blog follower/reader.

Bethany said...

Oh, Praise God! So, so excited for you. I'll keep praying!

Mommy-in-SC said...

This is such exciting news. I have no idea who you are but I'm excited for you and your family! :) I've been following your blog for a few months and have been praying for your family.

Mommy3 said...

That is amazing! Brought tears to my eyes to read. So happy for you guys.