Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Big Brother

Today we finally got to meet Big Brother.  This is Baby's biological half brother, age three, who lives with his daddy.  Mama talks about him SO much, it's very clear how much she adores him.  We'd been hoping to meet him all week, but it just kept not working out.

We went and picked them both up, and brought them back to our hotel, where we ate pizza, went swimming and played for a very long time.  We gave Big Brother a box of Duplo Legos, and he and Mac had loads of fun building, and chasing each other through the lobby.  I loved seeing what Big Brother looked like, and wondering if Baby will look like him.  He's such a cutie, full of energy, and so funny!

Mama's "God-parents" came by to see Mama and both boys, and even brought a gift for baby, a huge box of diapers!

We took Mama and Big Brother back home, and we told her we'd see her one more time before we left town.  She was pretty tired by then, and I hoped Big Brother would let her rest!

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asian~treasures said...

So glad you got to meet big brother!! And, am thrilled for all of you that you get to spend some extra time with Mama! What precious times you can tell baby about. He has so many people loving him. : )