Saturday, February 18, 2012


I'm feeling a bit irritated tonight.  All of you who know our adoption story know how many times we've been dragged through one hoop after another.  And still no baby in sight.  Then,  few weeks ago I shared our decision to begin taking foster care classes so we could play with a baby while we wait for ours to show up.  And apparently the hoops heard about the decision and followed us over.

The agency we were going to work with is driving me bonkers.  They scheduled the classes to start almost a month ago.  Then they pushed them back.  And pushed them back yet again.  And tonight, less than an hour before we were FINALLY going to start.....they did it again.

Yes, they gave us less than an hours notice.

And I keep hearing from other foster families that this agency is rather wishy-washy when it comes to standing strong for their families.  They also have a hard time returning phone calls, a big pet peeve of mine.  Honestly, I don't think I can handle any more bureaucratic nonsense after all the adoption drama we've lived through.

In frustration, I called a different agency, to see when they were starting classes.  This agency is one a friend of mine works with, and is quite pleased with.  She's an old pro at foster care, and I really trust her opinion.  Of course they are smack dab in the middle of a session, and won't start another for five weeks (Would you believe the session we missed is being held in Whoville?!).

So now we have to make a choice: Do we stay with the agency that has classes starting now, even though they are making me crazy, or wait five weeks and work with the more reliable agency.  I hate the thought of waiting any more, but I truly do not want to deal with any more nonsense.

If we get any more hoops, I'm going to open a hula hoop shop! 

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asian~treasures said...

Man...I shouldn't get sick ever again. I haven't talked to you in way too long & had no idea!

Frustrating, beyond frustrating, I'm sure. We'll continue to pray for wisdom for you guys...