Friday, January 20, 2012

Foster Care?

It was never my intent to be a foster parent.  Not because I'm opposed to the idea, it's just not the path we wanted to take.  See, I grew up in a household that fostered about a dozen kids.  Not all at the same time, although the neighbors would despute that, cause we pretty much had kids coming out the windows! 

When I was a kid, I assumed I'd do foster care when I was a mama, because that's what all mamas do, right?    But both Hubs and I worried about getting attached, and loosing that baby, and neither of us thought we could handle it.  Instead we made the choice to go with straight up adoption.

And you've seen how that's been going!

So a few months ago, when a foster care "recruiter" came to speak at our church, I laughed.  Out loud.  Then I turned to Hubs and told him "You know I'd do it, in a minute.  And I know you don't want to, so I'm not going to talk to them."  and I left it plopped in his lap.

So as I gathered out herd, he did what I didn't think he'd do.  He talked to them.  Then he filled out the info card.  And a few days later, he took the phone call.  And made an appointment for us.

We start classes next week so I can play with a baby while God takes his time delivering ours!


missy said...


The Zookeeper said...

I'll be praying for your path. This is something thats weighed on my husband and my heart... I think our hold back is simply Im afraid of what I will subject my children too. I don't know any foster parent and maybe could make a better decision if I did? Don't know but God will lead me! XOXOXO

RaD said...

Ya know, I have been wondering if you weren't supposed to be trying a different "direction" in adoption. I believe whole-heartedly in adoption and believe God wants us to be involved in the lives of children who have no parents. I'll admit it's the main reason I follow your blog is because I want to make sure to pray for you every time you update. But with all the closed doors I have been wondering if God wasn't pointing elsewhere.

I'll continue to pray that you'll have a baby to love on soon! Who knows? The baby you bring in from the foster care system could be yours. My friend adopted both of her beautiful children from the foster care system. She had them in her home from the time they were infants and God blessed her with the ability to be their mommy forever and always!