Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Waiting Stinks

I spent the day waiting.  Again.

When 5:00 hit, we had received neither the call telling that we'd been picked, nor the e-mail letting us know we hadn't.

I tend to think that means they chose the other families, and the office was so busy setting up travel details with the lucky ones they didn't have a chance to shoot us the "so sorry" letter.

I feel a bit sick.


Diana said...

With as much ups & downs as you've been through ~ I'm almost wondering if they should NOT tell you they are going to show the books to moms. LOL They can just call you up and be like "You've been chosen." and then you don't have to go through this EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Praying for you & your family's peace, for the mommas to make a good choice, and for God to bring your perfect little baby SOON! :)

asian~treasures said...

Does the rolloer coaster come with barf bags? If not, I'm sending you some!...along with the chocolate martini!

Praying...still more...with the HOPE that you have news by the end of the year!

Love you, my friend!