Saturday, December 3, 2011

Texas Called!

We had a frantic couple of days this week!  Texas called, and they weren't selling saw blades this time!

There was a mama who looked at our profile to several weeks ago, and we were her second place choice.  Then the first place family backed out!  Our agency had to show her all the profiles again, but we were so sure we were gonna hit a home run this time!

But the last time we did the big wait, I got myself all worked up, and the crash from that was awful.  So I promised myself I wasn't doing that again, and I stuck to it.  I kept calm and carried on, even asked a few friends to pray for that for me.  After a good 24 hours of me white knuckling it, we got the e-mail that she'd picked someone else.  Again.

And unlike last time, when I ate my weight in warm bread & butter, I was fine!  It felt so good to get the big NO without being crushed! 

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asian~treasures said...

Again, sigh...of relief, this time. : ) But, buckle up, the ride's not over!

Praying until your arms are snuggling a sweet baby!