Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Adoption Update

Hubs and I took a first aid and CPR class last night.   That's the last hoop we needed to jump through to finish up our adoption file for our new agency, and it feels sooooooo good to be done with it all.

At least until they come up with another hoop.

Cause they will.

They've got several babies due in the new year, and we're sitting at the top of the list, which also feels pretty good.  Being at the top doesn't mean we automatically get the next baby, just that we get to present our profile whenever we want (and we always want!), and that if a mom doesn't want to choose a family, we're automatically chosen.

So, for now we wait.  Some more.  Cause we weren't waiting enough already.

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Katie said...

Praying for your sanity and patience during your waiting days.