Tuesday, September 13, 2011


The plan was that we were going to take the kids to somewhere special for a couple days, and not tell them where we were going.  We'd sneak the suitcase into the back of the van, load up the kids and start driving.  I was very curious to see how far we'd get before anyone started asking questions

What actually happened was that WE got the surprise!  We got everyone into the van and....it wouldn't start!  So Hubs limped it to the fix-it shop, and my friend Jill's husband started poking around.  After a few hours and much stress on my part, our adventure began.  Again. 

We told the kids we were going to a new restaurant for dinner, and started driving.  After an hour, the questions started.  After two hours, Mac started crying.  So, we crumbled.  A bit.  We didn't tell them our destination (although Mimi figured it out, the stinker), but we did give some clues.  When we crossed state lines, they got VERY curious, and when we entered another state, they were frantic!

So, we told them we were going to McDonalds.  It was a very special McDonalds, and worth the drive.  They didn't believe us!  Can you imagine?!

And then we arrived!


Katie said...

I love the idea of a surprise vacation! Might have to try this ourselves someday.

asian~treasures said...

FUN!!!!!!!!!!! (except for the van)