Friday, August 19, 2011

Pelegro Polo in El Banyo

We went out to dinner tonight for sort of a goofy celebration.  See, today was the first day of school here in Who City, and we were celebrating that we're not going.  We headed to our favorite Mexican restaurant, where they know us so well they bring me my usual drink, half iced tea and half lemonade, without me even explaining.  So we walked in feeling pretty giddy, and decided on a whim, that we'd speak only Spanish during our meal.  The problem?  We have a limited vocabulary in Spanish.  A VERY limited vocabulary.

So, using a vocabulary consisting of farm animals, colors and three verbs, we began to chat.  Our composure went down hill fairly quickly when Daddy stated that there was a dangerous red chicken in the bathroom, using up every Spanish word he has in one blow. 

It's a good thing our usual waitress was busy, or we'd loose our favored customer status!

1 comment:

RaD said...

I don't know how you survived! I probably would have been laughing too hard to eat.