Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Princess!

 I can't believe my Princess in nine!  NINE!  She's such a funny kid!  So determined and serious, and still so funny.  When I asked her where she wanted to go eat for her birthday, she aid Famous Dave's, a barbeque place.  So did she eat barbeque?  Nope!  Veggies!  A plate full of sides!
And when I asked what she wanted for her birthday she asked for a doll.  I reminded her that my rule is one AG doll is my limit, and she'd need to save her money to but one if she wanted one.  So, she asked for money!  Then she took all her birthday money from us, and her many grandmas, and BOUGHT THE DOLL! 

That's one happy girl!
She was also thrilled that her beloved cousin A. from Michigan was coming for a visit on her birthday!  What a great present!

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