Monday, April 11, 2011


I'm taking a few days off of loosing my mind to play at the park!

The baby is M, and his mommy lets me borrow him when I need a baby fix.  He gives the best slobber kisses!


Bethany said...

Love the collage. Where did you find that cute template?

Keeslermom said...

Bethany-I used my scrapbooking program!

Karen Dawkins said...

Enjoy the break!!!

I nominated you for a versatile blogger award :) I love your blog -- and your spunk!!! Have a GREAT day :)


Kayla said...

Ohh that sounds like what I done a few weeks ago! I just felt so pressured from stuff around here that I just woke up that Tuesday am and we left the house with out a thing, went to eat then to the park and library, Did I do school work that day -- NOPE and it felt GREAT!!!!!!!!! Sometimes everyone needs a nice break! Glad you had a blast! Looks like the kids enjoyed their time as well :)