Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Packing with Mac

Hi Mom!  Watcha doin?  What is that thing?  Can I help?  Why do they call it a tape gun?!  I doesn't shoot tape!  Hey, mom, pretend you shot me with a tape gun (hopping), and now I have my legs taped together, and I have to hop like this....watch, I can't get on the bed like this..wait, let me see if I can sit on that chair...Oh, I couldn't go potty like this!  Can I shoot you....This box is heavy...this one isn't so heavy....I can't lift it!  If I could lift it I would be so strong....can I carry it downstairs?.....Why did you write on that box?....Can I write on it too?...I could draw a picture!....It's a good thing I'm helping you, huh mom!....That box is too heavy mom, dad can carry it.......When I'm big I can carry it for you!

Hey, mom, where you going?


Jeanette said...

haha so cute - we want them to learn to talk so desperately and then we wish they would just shut up sometimes! :) my daughter can carry on a onesided conversation for hours!

asian~treasures said...

Can't wait for the "unpacking" conversation. : )

RaD said...

Sounds just like my daughter!