Sunday, March 20, 2011

History Fair

My kids love the history fair!  Not the writing of the information part, that they hate, but the dressing up and running through the building with all their friends, who are also dressed up, that's worth all the work.

This year Buddy was Peter the Great:
Ms. Mouse  was Anastasia Romonov:
Princess was Laura Ingalls Wilder:
And Mac was the Pharaoh Tutankhamen:
To participate in the dressing-up-and-running part of the fun, you have to do the writing-info-for your-board part, which takes weeks of research and writing.

And then they have to do a public presentation.  Buddy did a monologue, funny as usual, and the girls each played a song.  Mac didn't have to present this year because he's a kindergartner, but next year, he will! 

I've already let the kids know that we will be getting a jump start on next year, because I will not be sewing costumes at the last minute next year!  Buddy immediately said he'd be Napoleon.
My quickly approaching 6 foot tall kid can be Napoleon. 
Then he laughed like crazy!


Katie said...

love the costumes and pics! buddy looks like he belongs in a history text book. awesome!

Dawn said...

That is very cool. Great costumes!