Friday, February 11, 2011

History Club

I couldn't be more pleased with out history club!  The leader picks a general topic, and the kids choose a specific topic to learn about.  This month was world war 2, and we chose to learn about the Japanese internment camps.  I grew up close to one, and have always wanted to learn more about them, so we dove right in and started reading.

We even found a book about a man who lived in my home town who had grown up in the camp close to my hometown!  Ms. Mouse inhaled that book in just a few days, and handed it back to me.  That's when I noticed the author was my high school English teacher!

The other kids in the club did  a great job on their presentations too, and we not only got a nice history lesson, but a fun time and great meal too!  Thanks to Lori H for all her hard work!

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