Sunday, February 27, 2011

Done with Diz

Last day of Disney, and we went back to Hollywood Studios.  We had to leave early yesterday because it was SO crowded we didn't get to do much. We went to see the presentation on animation, and on the way out of the building I chatted with an employee who told us about the drawing classes.
We turned right around and went to try them out.  They were awesome!  The teacher walked us, step by step, through drawing a character.  Even the non-drawers among us came out with identifiable pictures.  The girls and I went through several times, and the guys liked it too! 
Then we ran back to see the Muppet show, just one more time.

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RaD said...

Muppets, gotta love the muppets.

Sounds like drawing class was a lot of fun. I'll be there will be several drawing sessions at home.