Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What's in a Name?

I've been considering not using the kid's real names on the blog, for added safety, but kept putting it off, because the idea of going through the last 2 years of posts to change them made me slightly nauseous.  But a few weeks ago, a friend's blog was visited, and commented on, by a convicted pedophile.  Ick!  That pretty much made my decision for me!  Introducing:
Ms. Mouse aka Mimi
 And Mac.  Because it's not his real name anyway!


asian~treasures said...

Perfect...except, didn't you spell MAC wrong? : )

Diana said...

I've been using Bug instead of a real name on my blog from just about the beginning. It was for convenience (we call him Bug anyways) and for that added safety, although I never really thought it was needed because I don't have that much other identifying info on it.

But thanks for the reminder that we need to stay safe in this online world! How did your friend find out who visited their blog?

missy said...

please tell me it wasn't my blog.

i know i need to be more protective of my kids on their blog, but i had a hard enough time coming up with their real names and to come up with bloggy names seems even harder. love that you still can use MAC.